Quad-infos dedicates a whole page to the presentation of the BS TESTER Lineup.

Czech Ads

French Ads


A web article in moto.it about the SLA Battery launching in Italy, thanks to RMS Components.


A web article in motorbox about the SLA Battery launching in Italy, thanks to RMS Components. Link


A web article in moto.it about the SLA Battery launching in Italy, thanks to RMS Components.  



A web article in motoservices.com about the SLA Battery launching in France, thanks toBihr. Link


This website, dedicated to motorcycle news, presents BS BATTERY History and introduces the SLA Line-up. Link


Le repaire des motards

Le repaire des motards present the new SLA line-up, introducing the brand with its partnership with MV Agusta.

Moto 80

Moto revue

Moto revue presents the whole BS BATTERY lineup in a photo. The URL of the distributor Bihr is given for more information.

Le repaire des motards 2014



A double page ad on page 4 & 5 on this major French Motorcycle B2B Magazine, presenting the new SLA Battery line, available in France with Bihr.   L’Officiel Juin 2014

Le journal des motards

Le journal des motards presents the company and the SLA line-up on a full web page article.  

Le repaire des motards

The french website dedicated to bikers presents in a full page article the high quality of the BS15 charger. Link

Mototaller – May 2014

Thanks to Vicma, the new SLA lineup is presented on a full page article. A full page Ad reinforces the communication on the new lineup “Ready to start”.   Mototaller May 2014

DueRuoteNews 3/2014 article

An ad on page 6 and an article on page 44 on the first Italian Motorcycle B2B Magazine.

Moto crampons

Moto cramons, dedicated to off-road motorcycles, presents the BS TESTER BST100.

Moto Magazine – Februray 2014

Moto mag introduced BS BATTERY SLA in the tech news section. A short but effective introduction (check on pdf).Moto Magazine February 2014

Desmo Magazine – Feb 2014

Desmo magazine, dedicated to Ducati bikes and bikers present BS CHARGER and accessories and some testers. In order of appearance, we have : the fused ring terminals, the bt02, the chargers BS40 and 40, the tester BST100 and the bank charger BK10.

Moto magazine SLA lineup – 2014

An article from Moto Magazine introducing the precharged batteries of the SLA line-up.

Le monde du Quad – 2014

An article from Le monde du Quad presenting the new battery testers