EICMA 2017

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New data and appearance

Ads in “L’officiel du cycle”

Here are two ads for the brand published in September 2017 in the leading b2b motorcycling trade newspaper “L’officiel du cycle”

SLA Battery Charging Room

BS BATTERY has a very efficient charging room in order to charge batteries before delivery. We use our BS15 chargers to ensure a perfect maintenance and top quality batteries all year long. SLA batteries are always ready to start.

Bike und Business article about Hartje and BS BATTERY partnership

Bike und Business is a german newspaper and it describes the partnership between Hartje and BS BATTERY. PDF version  

MV Agusta New RVS#1

The new MV Agusta RVS #1 starts with an OEM BTZ10S. BS BATTERY is the exclusive battery supplier for MV Agusta.    

Tokyo Motorcycle Show 2017

Click on the gallery pictures to discover BS BATTERY® selection :

BS Battery 2017 product lines leaflet

The new BS BATTERY 2017 product lines leaflet is here. BS Battery 2017 product lines leaflet


Due to vehicle evolution and market demand for stronger batteries, BS has developed a brand new BTX4L-BS (in SLA & MF versions) in 4.2 Ah (20hr). Part numbers and prices remain same as previous ones. Those batteries are now the most powerful on the market.

Power box video

One of our partners made a good advertisement campaign with the Power box. He made a very nice video and got a long article in a famous motorcycle news website.  

2017 BS BATTERY new packaging design

Have a look at the BS BATTERY 2017 new packaging design.

BS BATTERY 2017 Product Range