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Ads in “L’officiel du cycle”

Here are two ads for the brand published in September 2017 in the leading b2b motorcycling trade newspaper “L’officiel du cycle”

SLA Battery Charging Room

BS BATTERY has a very efficient charging room in order to charge batteries before delivery. We use our BS15 chargers to ensure a perfect maintenance and top quality batteries all year long. SLA batteries are always ready to start.

BS BATTERY 2017 Product Range

Very Good news from our sponsored rider Mathias van Hooff

The last 2-3 months have been very good for Mathias. He made a very big progress since the beginning of the season, where he still struggled with his hip after the crash end last year. Since April-May, he made a big step forewards and climbed more times on the podium during the national races. We […]

Watercraft series

No filling and no leaks! The battery is ready for action. Rock solid build and 90 degrees mounting angle for a spillproof battery with AGM Technology. SLA technology provides you with the best products for watercrafts : BS BATTERY is the power you need !

Poster for Workshops

Order the 2015 Poster for Workshops The new 2015 Poster for Workshops has arrived. It is printed in a very high quality in order to be a real tool for the mechanics and a decorating poster at the same time. Get in touch with BS BATTERY Team for more information. Live Chat, Contact page, phone or mail.

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