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We know that you’re passionate of motorcycle racing as we are that’s why we’re very delighted to announce you our partnership with French Team GMT94 who participates at one of the most famous world championship of motorcycle racing.

Who is GMT94 ?

For many years now, Christophe Guyot, team manager, leads this French independent Team. They have become a real reference in the motorcycle’s world. GMT94 succeeded to build an important reputation thanks to several victories and three world titles in endurance racing.

Historic Records : 3 world titles | 20 wins | 45 podiums | 14 pole positions

In 2018, GMT94 was engaged in two different world championship of motorcycle racing. They participated at their last world endurance championship and they have become vice-world champion of endurance. In that year, French independent Team has started to compete in World Superbike Championship – Supersport class with Corentin Perolari. Then, they decided to focus on sprint races instead of endurance races.