The last 2-3 months have been very good for Mathias. He made a very big progress since the beginning of the season, where he still struggled with his hip after the crash end last year.
Since April-May, he made a big step forewards and climbed more times on the podium during the national races. We had 2 very difficult races in France, 2 days of non stop rain, many riders gave up and DNF. But Mathias fought for every second, survived and scored 2 times a great 3rd place, which is very good taking in account he is still a novice and new rider in this very though Rookie class. More important is that he made some fastest times in the specials and beat the more experienced riders already in his first year.

In June he rode also a local motorcross race, as kind of training and became 3rd. End of the month, we had in Lierneux, in the Belgian Ardennes, the 8th race of the Belgian Championship, and he rode some very fast times in the specials, but lost also some time with a little crash. But he recovered and finished at the end on a very good the 3 place, which made him also 3rd in the championship now.

Because of the good successes and great progress the last months, Mathias took the opportunity to start with kind of wildcard in the Worldchampionship in Saint Hubert, earlier this month. He took the decision only 4 days before the race started, but he wanted to learn and get as much as possible experience on the highest level of Enduro racing. His first target was to learn, to survive and to arrive 2 days on time. As a novice, with little experience, it was kind of mission impossible…

But he made it: he finished on Saturday on 24th place with 37 starters and on Sunday, he finished even 20th and made a 18th time on the very last stage. And no penalties, 2 days on time, after 440 km of enduro racing in the heart of the forests in the South of Belgium. This was a great achievement which will make him much stronger for the future!
So, after 6 months, we may say that Mathias is doing very well, much better than expected with very good results in the races and specials which leads now to a 3rd place in the championship and a great arrival and achievement in the Worldchampionship.

Even more important is that Mathias has become one of the most popular riders in Belgium and even Holland. All websites and newspapers write about him and we can confirm that he got exposure of all riders!